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Updated: Apr 20, 2022

by daniel carrubba

“Christmas Slasher” is an independent horror-comedy currently in post-production

from Lady Destiny Productions in association with Ironbound Empire. With the

spirit and energy of the 1980’s movie slashers and the gory outrageous fun of

Troma films,Funded by a successful Indiegogo campaign, “Christmas Slasher” is the brainchild of writer, director, producer and lead actress Destiny Soria, who has already

received multiple awards for her script and proof of concept trailer. please show some love and check out this awesome movie trailer below!



As the holiday season rolls in, a murderous zombie reindeer wreaks havoc on the

small town of Vixen, Minnesota. The local townsfolk are being viciously attacked

and killed. Even the hunters are being hunted! As the film shifts forward ten years

after the murders in Vixen, the film centers around Alita Claus (Destiny Soria),

when she and a group of her best friends from college decide to spend Christmas

break in a cabin deep in the woods. Accompanying Alita is her boyfriend Brandon

(Landon Munoz), Cody (Keylan Hayes) and his girlfriend Jasmine (Jasmine V.

Anderson) and Rudy (Mathew LaSpina) who is secretly in love with Alita. On the

agenda, is hunting, drinking, games and of course sex…however things quickly go

awry. Not only is the zombie reindeer still on the loose, but also Mr. and Mrs.

Claus themselves! The once jolly couple who brought the Spirit of Christmas to

millions, are now psychotic monsters who have put the entire group on the hit list.

Can Alita save her friends before it’s too late? And why is her last name ‘Claus?’

Shot entirely on location in Minnesota and Texas, “Christmas Slasher” stars

Nicholas Brendon (TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Destiny Soria, Ryan

McGivern, Tatiana Sokolova, Landon Munoz, Mathew LaSpina, Jasmine V.

Anderson, Keylan Hayes, Joshua Kirpach, Anthony Del Negro, Kamila Talpa,

Donna Gafford and Jason John Cicalese.

With special appearances by Lloyd Kaufman (“The Toxic Avenger”) and Felissa

Rose (“Sleepaway Camp”).

HORRORSCOPE : i absolutely can not wait for destiny sorias Christmas slasher to be released! i mean who doesn't love some Christmas fun mixed with blood and guts? ps: you better not forget to leave some cookies and milk out for this Santa look-alike or it could cost you your life lol.. this film has a few elements of awesomeness to it that I have truly been waiting to see attempted within the horror genre! so I am anxious to see how this film will play out. i expect a lot of fun and dark humor!! from what we can see in this brand new movie trailer is one pissed off man that resembles Santa clause who stumbles upon one of his reindeer slaughtered/mutilated and Santa doesn't take too kindly to what he sees will the man in the red and his killer zombie reindeer get revenge or will they head back to the north pole and try again next year? to me, it looks like everyone is on the naughty list!

remember this evil Santa knows when you have been naughty and when you have been nice will Christmas be canceled this year? And who will survive the killer zombie reindeer massacre lol

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