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DEATH COUNT! From Mezek Films, Bootleg Films, and Mahal Empire

  • Death Count

  • Tagline: Time Waits for No One.

  • Horror-Thriller 2022, 81 minutes

  • Release date: July 19th, 2022. Courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

  • Directed by Michael Su. Written by Michael Merino with revisions by Rolfe Kanesky

  • From Mezek Films, Bootleg Films, and Mahal Empire

  • STARRING: Costas Mandylor (Saw IV Virtuosity 1995), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill Vol. 1, Reservoir Dogs), Robert LaSardo (death race, strange land, Waterworld), Sarah French (pretty boy, Blind, Hanukkah), Devanny Pinn (the crossbreed, The Dawn), and Ben Stobber (Unwritten Bloodthirst, Bridge of Doomed).

  • Synopsis: Strangers awaken in individual holding cells with no memory of how they arrived. They realize if they don't acquire enough online "likes" in a timely manner, they'll die horribly at the hands of a sinister executioner.

  • Horrorscope Magazine says "Death Count is comparable to solving a Rubix Cube without the sixth side! its exsanguination by choice"

  • Death Count, in my opinion, is a film that reflects modern society, in which people will go to great lengths for views and attention, but how enjoyable would those likes be if your view count determined whether you lived or died?

  • Eight strangers unknowingly await a world of pain and agony as they awaken in a holding cell and are forced to participate in cruel games of self-torture for the gratification of sick-minded homebody sadists who not only watch these poor victims slowly annihilate themselves but vote on their favorite performer from the comfort of their own home! so who is this abhorrent man in the mask pulling strings like a puppet and barking these dreadful orders over a loudspeaker? Well, that man is Costas Mandylor (saw IV) (Virtuosity 1995), a.k.a. the warden. and he is more than ready to play a game called "Death Count." Should you fail to follow the rules, you will be eliminated immediately! Let me start by saying that the cast for this film was a solid choice. Each actor/actress brought a different personality/intensity to the film that keeps you guessing what they may say or do next, and the atmosphere /cinematography truly added to the tension and suspense with flashing lights-sirens, killer contraptions, and a toolbox full of goodies, not to mention a heavy chain attached to everyone's neck, as well as an unsettling surprise as this game progresses. It is truly unimaginable as to what could happen to these poor contestants next! You can start to feel a sense of trepidation and fear. I loved how each person's life is literally in their own hands. I mean, how long can you stay confined within a locked cell while being forced to torture yourself without losing your sanity? I was very impressed at how much the cast and crew were able to achieve with such a small budget, especially being independent!

  • Overall, this was a fun film to watch with a stacked cast and a solid production! If you're a fan of horror and gore, you should put this on your watch list as you may find it quite enjoyable! You can purchase a copy on July 19th, 2022!

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