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A Hayden Newman film releasing 2021

HAYDEN NEWMAN SAYS: reunion from hell is inspired by the likes of classics among the lines of i know what you did last summer, scream and halloween!

what a great choice of films to be inspired by! LETS TAKE A LOOK!!

SYNOPSIS: Since his father’s passing, Riley Conner has not returned to his hometown. But when the news of a murdered friend comes to light, Riley is forced to return home, unknowing that his life, along with those of his friends, will soon be in grave danger. As the body count rises, Riley discovers that the killer has a very specific plan in mind while hunting down his former classmates. It’s a race against time as Riley must learn the identity of the killer, before all those he cares deeply for are dead. It’s going to be one hell of a reunion.


First let me start off by saying that the music/soundtrack that played during the reunion from hell trailer was pretty gnarly i really look forward to hearing more of the soundtrack so shout out to Sam Hodge for the awesome music it really helped draw me into the trailer and set the tone!!! besides composing music Sam is in charge of the cinematography for reunion from hell so i cant wait to see and hear what he has in store for these awesome movie scenes!

speaking of movies scenes i was able to get my hands on some behind the scenes photos thanks to Hayden so i figured that id share a few pictures with everyone! and from the looks of the photos and the movie trailer im starting to get this early 90s feel with a slasher styled who dunit type vibe! all in all i think that this film has a well rounded cast and i am quite interested to see how well Cathy Podewell performs in reunion from hell! Cathy is a veteran actress who is no stranger to acting as she has appeared in Beverly hills 90210,walker Texas ranger,night of the demons,Dallas,growing pains,and more! Cathy will make her way back to the spotlight of horror after 32 long years are you guys as excited as i am? get your pop corn ready there is a new killer in town and we have no idea who it is so buckle up and get ready for this terrifying journey of you're next!!!

Hayden aims to bring you something fascinating and exciting something to get your brain moving! and Horrorscope cant wait for the release!!

FULL CAST: hayden newman, cathypodewell,jessica flux, james stokes,adam freeman ,johnna vaughn, jeremiah lee steinert deryk wehrley, jace chambers, stephen mcgill ,cody alexander, blake holsworth, orlando rodriguez



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